How to Use UV Gel Lamp

UV Gel Lamp

UV Gel Lamp can be used to cure not only ohora products, but also gel nail products of other brands. Its compact size, 6 LED lights, and timer feature are perfect for those seeking portability, quick cures, and accuracy in gel lamps.

How to Use UV Gel Lamp

STEP 01. Turn On the Gel Lamp

Plug in the micro USB cable to the gel lamp and USB outlet.

*Please take note that the micro USB cable is compatible with any and all electronic devices with USB outlets.

STEP 02. Turn On & Set Timer

Briefly press the button to set the timer for 45 seconds. Press the button for a longer while to set the timer for 60 seconds.

*To turn off the gel lamp, press the button once more. Don’t worry if you forget. It’ll automatically turn off by itself if left unused.

STEP 03. Cure Your Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Cure your strips 2-3 times. If you feel the strips require additional curing, do so 2-3 more times.

*Please note that overcuring the strips may result in early chipping and cracking.