Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower
Dream Flower

Dream Flower

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When you wear the dream flower, the flowers and grass on it seem to sway in the breeze, showing the vitality of life.


  • Stretchable strips for all pedi shapes & sizes 
  • C-curved for easy and perfect applying 
  • Lasts up to 14 days
  • Less damage to nails compared to real gel nail
  • Toxin-free & safety-certified products


  • 20 nail strips
  • 1 nail file, 1 wood stick

UV Gel Lamp

UV Gel Lamp can be used to cure not only ohora products, but also gel nail products of other brands. Its compact size, 6 LED lights, and timer feature are perfect for those seeking portability, quick cures, and accuracy in gel lamps.

How to Use UV Gel Lamp

STEP 01. Turn On the Gel Lamp

Plug in the micro USB cable to the gel lamp and USB outlet.

*Please take note that the micro USB cable is compatible with any and all electronic devices with USB outlets.

STEP 02. Turn On & Set Timer

Briefly press the button to set the timer for 45 seconds. Press the button for a longer while to set the timer for 60 seconds.

*To turn off the gel lamp, press the button once more. Don’t worry if you forget. It’ll automatically turn off by itself if left unused.

STEP 03. Cure Your Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Cure your strips 2-3 times. If you feel the strips require additional curing, do so 2-3 more times.

*Please note that overcuring the strips may result in early chipping and cracking.

Semicure Nail

Semi-cured gel nail strips change the entire nail care culture. With game-changing technology, these nail strips are made with real gel nail in triple layer only cured 60%. Upon curing, you can enjoy salon-quality gel nails in the comfort of your own home.


For All Nail Shapes & Sizes

Semicure nails are designed to be stretched to fit all nail sizes.

Strong Adhesion

Semicure gel is unique in its c-curved design, which allows the strips to reach the edges of the nail beds to provide the strongest adhesion.

Safe Ingredients

All ingredients are certified, and all products have been tested to be trusted.

Triple Layer Gel

The semicure nail is layered with three different gels : The base gel, color gel and top gel.

How to Apply

Cleaning nail surface 

Wash your hands before application, and remove all oil and moisture on every nail surface using a prep pad.

* Sweat, moisture, hand cream, oil on your nails may reduce adhesion of the semicured gel.

Choosing a strip size

Choose the semicured gel that best fits your nail size and remove the clear film.
If it's hard to find the strips that are your nail size, stretch them to fit your nail. 

* Please refer to 'Tips by ohora Crew' at the bottom of the page for tips on creating new size. 

Applying a semicured gel

Peel off semicured gel from the opposite side of the cuticle and apply it slightly apart from your cuticle line.

*Check the direction of the cuticle labed on the product before peeling off

Firmly pressing a semicured gel 

Apply the pressure from the cuticle to the edge over the entire surface to prevent the hairs from getting caught in the space between the nail surface and the strip.  

Trimming the excess (Filing)

Trim the excess using the rough side of the file.  

Repeatedly curing until the gels get hard enough

Cure the semicure gel nails 2-3 times with the ohora UV Gel Lamp.
If the nails are not hard enough, cure an additional 2-3 times.

*Please note that overcuring may cause early chipping and cracking.  

How to Store the Left Strips

Store the left items in the paper case to avoid any light exposure. 

Please avoid any type of light exposure including direct sunlight. It may cause the strips getting hardened before use.

Store the strips at a room temperature (68°F to 86°F).   
When the strips get hard, place the strips at a warm temperature to soften the semicure gels before application.

Tips by Crew

★ TIP 1. Create Your Own Size

If you can't find the strip that best fits your nail size, choose one little smaller than yours, and stretch it to fit your size. 

* You must completely clean and dry your nail surface using prep pad before application

★ TIP 2. How to Trim Excess

Cut off the strip little longer than your nails with a nail clipper before applying. 
Trim the strip using a nail clipper and file off with a rough side of file after curing.

* File in one direction for the perfect trimming. 

Tips for Trimming

1) Rip it off with finger

2) Scratch it on the table

3) Cut it with a nail clipper

How to Remove Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Removing semi-cured gel nail strips is easy. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be nail-free in no time! Although we do recommend that you use ohora Pro Easy Peel Remover to remove our strips for minimal damage, a regular remover will get the job done- not as damage-free as when using the Pro Easy Peel Remover, but it'll do the trick.

How to Remove Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

STEP 01. Remove Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Fully soak the flat side of the wooden stick with the remover.

Gently push in the wooden stick from the corner of the nail to create a gap.

Take your time to slowly peel off the strip from your nail.

STEP 02. Remove the Adhesive Residue

Soak cotton pad with remover and rub on nail to remove adhesive residue.

Voilà! You're done!

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